Electric Pressure Cooker Also With Projector: Extremely Internal Show Using Wireless Charging Technology

- May 04, 2018-

The electric pressure cooker is an essential cooking appliance in the kitchen. Whether it is stewed meat or soup, using an electric pressure cooker can ensure that the meat is more delicious. However, when many people choose electric pressure cookers, they generally choose products with good appearance and strong performance. They have never had any novel designs for an electric pressure cooker. Therefore, no one would think that electric pressure cookers also have projectors.


This concept product is introduced by Midea. The appearance of the product is very cute. This is also an inherent advantage of this product. The usual kitchen appliances use very direct buttons for interaction to reduce the difficulty of operation. Features. This electric pressure cooker interaction interface is really achieved through projection!


The lower projection port can directly project the operation interface onto the desktop. At this time, the user can slide and click on the user's finger to interact with the touch screen. At the same time, this projection port can also project menus, instructional videos, and the like directly. Even a culinary artisan can easily create dishes by step.



Of course, in addition to this lively flower, this electric pressure cooker is also very introverted, using wireless charging technology, get rid of the shackles of the power cord, you can start your cooking in any corner of your home