Exposure To IPhone SE2 Draft: Liu Xiaoping Can Join Wireless Charging

June 2 news, foreign media has recently exposed the draft sketch of the iPhone SE2, from the exposure of the picture, the iPhone SE2 also uses Liu Haiping design, but the appearance will not use a large rounded design.


The report said that the exposure of the picture comes from the German Goethe-Badden advertising company, is a draft approved by Apple, so the credibility is high.


It is reported that the iPhone SE2 may join the wireless charging function and will be sold with its own AirPower wireless charging board. The price may exceed 4,000 yuan.

Apple has already sent an invitation letter for the WWDC conference in 2018. The conference will officially begin on June 4, US time. iPhone SE2 may appear in the General Assembly, the current Jingdong website has appeared on the aircraft's promotional page.

Earlier, foreign striker Ben Geskin broke the news on Twitter that the phone will be sold on the British market from June 15th to 18th.