Finally Waited For You, Apple's Wireless Charging Device Has Finally Opened Mfi Certification

- Apr 17, 2018-

Last year, when Apple announced the iPhone 8 series and the iPhone X, it also announced a wireless charging board. According to reports from domestic media, certification organizations have already begun to push information to companies in the wireless charging industry. It is expected that the MFI certification of wireless charging panels will be opened at the beginning of this year.


However, although the wireless charging board supports the Qi wireless charging protocol, it does not mean that all Qi protocol supporting devices can be used, because Apple is temporarily not open to other products. Although this product is sold as accessories, it can wirelessly charge many Apple devices and even support charging multiple devices at a time, which means that future Apple devices will abandon the wired charging mode.

At present, only 7.5W fast charging wireless charging board is Apple's own AirPower, as well as wireless charging board launched by Belkin and Mophie. In the future, more third-party manufacturers will pass the certification, so that the wireless charging board will have more useless areas and even be ready in advance for the popularity of wireless charging. At the same time there will be more accessories manufacturers to launch wireless charging board, consumers may have a cheaper choice, and charging efficiency will be improved in the future.

I believe that with Apple's open certification, there will be more wireless charging boards on the market that support fast charging. By then, not only will charging boards perform better, but prices may be cheaper than they are now.