Google Fixes Pixel 3 Series Wireless Charging Speed Tips Are Not Accurate

    Google added wireless charging function to the previously released Pixel 3 series, and released a wireless charger accessory called Pixel Stand. The charging power is 10W. Google also designed a special mobile phone UI for the charger.

    Unfortunately, Google has set a limit for third-party charging accessories for Pixel 3. Its device can only provide 5W of power, and only Google's official wireless charger supports 10W.

    What's more, Pixel 3 will display “fast charging” whether it is 5W or 10W charging, so users can't just visually identify whether it is fast charging or slow charging.

    Recently, in the November update, Google fixed the problem that the Pixel 3 series charging speed display is inaccurate. Now, once the user uses the 5W wireless charger, the Pixel 3 series will display the correct prompt - Chrging slowly.

    However, as for the more important third-party fast wireless rush, Google has not yet opened the standard. Only the third-party wireless charger certified by Google can provide 10W charging power, which is the Google version of the MFI standard.