Google Said It Has Limited The Power Of Third-party Wireless Chargers To 5W For Security Reasons.

    Recently, users of Pixel 3 reported that they purchased a 10W wireless charger called Aker, but after testing on Pixel 3, they found that they can only achieve 5W charging. The current is only 500 mAh, and the maximum power is also Only 5W, for which he asked Anker official.

    But the user got a reply that the maximum is only 5W charging because Google has set a limit for third-party charging accessories for Pixel 3. Only Google's official wireless charger supports 10W power.

    In this regard, foreign media has confirmed to Google, Google said that for security reasons, the third-party wireless charger power is limited to 5W. For the other media, Samsung and Apple's wireless chargers do not have this limitation. Google's approach is indeed difficult to agree. What's more interesting is that whether the wireless charging is 5W or the highest 10W charging, the Pixel 3 will display “fast charging”, so the user can't identify whether it is fast charging or slow charging.