Google Seems To Confirm The Rumored Pixel Stand Wireless Charger

    We’re still a few weeks away from Google’s upcoming Pixel 3 event, but there’s still time for more leaks. Last week, someone discovered the rumored Pixel Stand wireless charger in the animation through MySmartPrice in the Google app.

    As shown in the photo of MySmartPrice, the stand appears to be powered by USB-C. Assuming the voltage and current ratings at the bottom are accurate, the Pixel Stand will provide up to 18W of power, which is sufficient for wireless fast charging. According to last week's leak, the image may be just a model, but hopefully it is real. Between supporting USB-C, future fast charging and a pretty attractive orange decoration, the Pixel Stand looks like a very good wireless charger (assuming the price is right).

    Earlier leaks seem to indicate that Google will add some software features to match the dock, such as displaying photos as temporary frames, providing extended notifications, and allowing users to use Google Assistant without having to unlock the phone - almost like a micro Google Home. When Google announced the Pixel Stand wireless charger at its October 9th event, we might find more information.