Google: Use An Unauthorized Wireless Charger For Pixel 3, Up To 5W

- Oct 25, 2018-

    On October 24th, recently, Google issued a statement to The Verge, which mentioned the Pixel Stand wireless charging dock. This is designed for Google Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL because these two phones are Google. The only device that supports 10W wireless charging power. If a user uses a third-party wireless charger that is not authorized by Google to charge the Pixel 3 series phone, even if the charger supports wireless fast charging, its power will be limited to 5W.

    According to a Google spokesperson, Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL can only achieve 10W wireless charging on Pixel Stand or any Google-certified third-party Qi charger, and Belkin happens to have a Google-approved 10W Qi wireless charger. Charge Pixel 3 at full speed. Google said the company is working with third-party parts manufacturers to allow more wireless chargers to support Google's standards.

    For Pixel 3 users, if they want to enjoy fast wireless charging, they can either buy Pixel Stand for $79 or purchase a third-party wireless charger certified by Google, but they are not cheap.

    After Google’s announcement, netizens reacted fiercely. Some people think that Google is not in the same order of magnitude as Apple’s mobile phone, but they are learning Apple’s independent standards, and step back, the official wireless of the new iPhone. The charger is very expensive, but when used in conjunction with a third-party wireless charging dock, Apple does not limit the charging power, and still can reach the rated 7.5W. Due to the appearance of the Pixel 3 series, it will not be optimistic after the release, and Google's practice is undoubtedly worse, the sales of new machines will be affected.