Google Wireless Is Here! Charging Power Up To 10W

    Earlier today, Google launched an official wireless charger called Google Pixel Stand. This is a charger charger that allows the user to charge the phone in any form. Its charging power is as high as 10W, which is also relatively high in the wireless charger.

    Before last year, the wireless charger did not receive much attention from users. Although it has already been mentioned, it has not been valued by manufacturers. This phenomenon continued until the release of the iPhone X. Since then, wireless charging has begun to enter the public's field of vision, and some manufacturers have begun to launch their wireless chargers.

    The official wireless charger launched by Google is still expensive in price, and now it can be ordered in Google Store, which is more expensive than Apple's third-party wireless charger.

    It is worth noting that it is not known whether this wireless charger can support mobile phones other than Google, so friends who want to buy this wireless charger are still waiting patiently!