Heecavs Creative Wireless Charger At The Global Sources Electronics Show

- Oct 17, 2018-

    The Global Sources Electronics Show attracted exhibitors from 150 countries, including Pusangnik, Amazon, Microsoft and other world-class technology companies. Heecavs, who pursues innovative design, also participated in the exhibition. Heecavs' wireless charging products are sought after by many buyers.

    The products they exhibit at this time include a variety of wireless charger products, of which HL101 is a product that can stand up as a mobile phone holder. It has a fast charging speed, and the angle of the product can reduce the pressure on the cervical vertebra. Good choice.

    Most of the products are made of aluminum alloy, the thickest position is 7mm thick, and the weight of aluminum alloy is 225g. The product HB301 is both a home wireless charger and a personal wireless charger. It can meet two people at the same time at home.


    Most wireless charging products are biased towards male users. Heecavs wants to develop a product that meets the needs of both male and female consumers. The HE101 they exhibited this time attracted a lot of attention with their cute shape.