Huawei Xiaomi Joins The Wireless Charging Army

On October 25th, the Xiaomi Palace Museum officially released the new generation flagship machine Xiaomi MIX 3. Xiaomi MIX3 is equipped with a groundbreaking magnetic power slide full screen, 93.4% super high screen ratio, front and rear flagship dual camera experience the world's top three, Snapdragon 845 flagship processor, four curved color ceramic body, black, emerald color Three colors of sapphire blue, can be described as artwork in mobile phones

wireless charger

Compared with the 7.5W wireless charging supported by Xiaomi MIX2S, Xiaomi MIX3 supports 10W wireless fast charging, charging power is increased by 30%, and wireless charger is included with mobile phone.

Regarding the wireless charging power of mobile phones, Keliway noticed that the wireless charging power of mobile phones released before this time is basically between 5W-10W, including Apple's 7.5W, Xiaomi MIX 2S's 7.5W, Huawei mate RS's 10W, SONY's. 9W and Samsung's 10W. In the recent past, Huawei launched the world's first 15W wireless fast charge. Xiaomi released 10W wireless fast charge again, and the wireless charging efficiency problem is gradually being solved.