Infrastructure Aimed At Wireless Charging? Three Days, Don't Take A Look!

What is your attitude towards wireless charging? When most mobile phone manufacturers began to accept it, many people who had not contacted still had a great resistance to it. Reasons are strong: 1, you charge so slowly, not worthy of me! 2, the desktop base is still dragging the root line, and the wired charging difference? However, contrary to these negative emotions, wireless charging is indeed being accepted by more public places, and infrastructure construction is ongoing.


A Ningbo bank installed wireless charging on the desk under the counter. When customers wait for business, they can visit, browse, and recharge the phone on the table. For example, the hotel's hotels have installed wireless charging under the table for each long-distance table in the public area. Enjoying food and parties does not delay the placement of mobile phones on the desktop. Faster convenience stores not only can buy general merchandise, desktops in the store can provide wireless charging service for incoming customers.


Why are banks, homes, convenience stores and other public places willing to add this feature? Don't they think that wireless charging is too much to use? It is never wise to look at a thing with a fixed eye. These public places naturally take these issues into consideration, but the wireless charging they introduce is not the same as the public impression. 


The public scene adopts wireless charging as an infrastructure. The main purpose is definitely to provide users with more complete services. First of all, consider these points: how the wireless charging effect and experience are; how easy it is to install, disassemble, and maintain; and the wear rate in daily use. The advantage of the micro goose desk version wireless charging is that it's charging distance is far enough, the installation does not have to remodel the original table cabinet. At the same time, the hidden installation under the table allows the user to place the mobile phone directly on the desktop for charging, which is very convenient and fast to use, and the speed is not slow. At the same time, because it is fixed under the table and is not easily damaged by external forces, the daily wear rate is lower than that of the desktop base.