IOS12 Is About To Usher In An Update, Magnetic Resonance Wireless Charger Manufacturers May Be Crit!

    After the Apple conference, various wireless chargers advertised as "official authentic" and "original" swarmed out on the network platform. Thanks to the huge user base of Apple, these manufacturers also gained a lot. However, a recent news may make them toss and turn, the iOS12 system has to be upgraded, and there is an additional charging evaluation function.

    It is understood that some netizens updated the iOS 12 Beta version of the early adopter version and found that the system has a function to check the battery charge and discharge status. It allows users to easily understand the power consumption and charging status of the mobile phone, how much power per application, duration of use, overall charging time, etc. are clear at a glance.

     If it is the cottage accessories with the official original banner, there is basically no shape under this function. Still worried about buying fakes? iOS 12 is for you, to help you easily identify whether 7.5W fast charge is worthy of the name, this should be a very happy thing for users.