IPHONE AirPower Wireless Charging Board Delay No Solution Due To Heat Problem

Since September last year, Apple officially released three new iPhone models that support wireless charging and confirmed the launch of the AirPower wireless charging board in 2018. Now the latest news, Apple AirPower wireless charging board continues to delay.

According to Keliway News, AirPower has a one-to-many charging function and does not need to be in a fixed position when charging. It can also charge up to three compatible devices, such as the iPhone 8/8 Plus/X and Apple Watch. AirPods wirelessly charges three devices. According to informed sources in the industry, the order of Apple AirPower was taken over by Lixun Precision, and the first batch of stocks amounted to tens of millions of units.


Through the supply chain to learn about the specific apple AirPower wireless charging board bounce votes, the main "heat" problem has no solution, the time to market is expected to be postponed to May and June. At present, Apple has released the iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, and iPhone X compatible third-party 7.5W wireless fast charge in the iOS 11.2 official version, confirming that only the third-party accessories can be used for wireless fast charging, and the Qi standard can enjoy 7.5W of power. Non-Apple certified accessories charge power only about 5W.

In the end, Apple AirPower has not been listed on the market for more than half a year. The reason for the delay was that it encountered technical bottlenecks in the heat problem. At present, there are no solutions. It is expected that there will be news in the fastest possible June, perhaps the second half of the latest.