IPhone SE Second Generation Released In September: With The Original Deep Camera Support Wireless Charging

- May 15, 2018-

Recently, iPhone SE's second-generation news frequently appeared, including the final naming, CAD drawings, and shell factory renderings.


Japan’s latest report from Macotakara stated that the iPhone SE’s second generation has not been in volume production and is expected to be officially released until September. Earlier news that Apple is expected to release iPhone SE second generation this spring.

According to a report, according to reports from several Chinese accessory manufacturers attending the Japan IT Week Spring Mobile Solutions Expo, Apple has not yet mass-produced the iPhone SE (2018), which means that the new machine is unlikely to be launched in the second quarter. .


In fact, Apple is evaluating multiple versions and has not yet decided which design to use. The appearance of the new machine may be the same as the appearance of the original iPhone 5S, may also choose 6 inches screen design. However, regardless of the appearance, iPhone SE (2018) will use a glass back cover to support wireless charging.

A glass manufacturer revealed that Apple chose three different glass materials for the new machine. The display will use a "notch" design, but there is no opening reserved for the Toucch ID, which means that the new machine is likely to adopt Face. ID face recognition.

Looking at the above information, the iPhone SE (2018) has a great chance to make appearances with the iPhone Xs, iPhone Xs Plus and iPhone 9 in September this year.