IPhone XS Max Wireless Charging Time Is Finally Shortened To Within 3 Hours

    The wireless charging of the iPhone is not only slow in charging, but also has a large heat. Even with a wireless charger with active cooling and supporting 7.5W power, it takes 3 and a half hours to fully charge, and it can be filled with various fast charging in comparison to more than one hour. In other words, the wireless charging power of the iPhone is regarded by the user as a chicken rib. Because of this, the wireless charging of the iPhone has been criticized by users, but this problem has been effectively improved with the release of three new iPhoneXr, iPhoneXs and iPhoneXs Max machines.

    The charging head network recently got the new iPhoneXs Max machine. In the constant temperature environment of 28°C, using the wireless charger with fan cooling and supporting 7.5W, the wireless charging test of iPhoneXs Max took only 2 hours and 56 minutes. iPhoneXs Max, 7.5W charging time is more than 20 minutes