Is Wireless Charging Harmful To Mobile Phone Batteries?

- Sep 19, 2018-

    The charger is something we use every day. We only use the mobile phone charger every day to charge the mobile phone. However, with the advancement of technology in recent years, wireless charging has also become popular. Wireless charging is in the eyes of many people. Black technology, why can you charge your phone without wire contact? Will wireless charging affect the phone battery?

wireless charger

    So since it is a magnetic field, will it damage the phone? In fact, this is a paradox. A mobile phone that supports wireless charging also has a coil on the back of the mobile phone to receive magnetic field energy, and this electromagnetic induction can only affect the coil on the back of the mobile phone, so there is no use of wireless charging to damage the mobile phone

    Many people may feel that wireless charging is inconvenient and the speed is not fast. In fact, the main reason is to look at the power of the charger. At present, wireless charging does not have a line charge, but the advantages are obvious. The high-end atmosphere provides you with free access. Frequent plug-in is convenient, and now many vertical chargers can also be used as mobile phone brackets.

    And wireless charging is safer than wired charging, and the radiation is smaller, and if there are a large number of devices that support wireless charging, even between devices can be used, reducing the generation of electronic waste and contributing to the environment, so wireless Charging is still a technology that outweighs the disadvantages. In the future, there will be more and more electronic devices supporting this function. What do you think of this?