Keliway: Wireless Charging Will Eventually Enter Millions Of Households

- May 25, 2018-

As far as the current status of the mobile phone industry is concerned, wireless charging has not yet been applied on a large scale. The reason why there is no fire is not because wireless charging is not necessary. However, at this stage, there are still many shortcomings in the technology and the user experience cannot keep up.


From the perspective of the mainstream wireless charging protocols of Qi and PMA, there are still several technical difficulties that need to be overcome: slow charging speed, short transmission distance, strict placement requirements, foreign object detection, and heat dissipation. These have become obstacles. The technical threshold for wireless charging is popular.


Slow charging. Currently, the wireless charging standard widely used in the industry is Qi. Its large charging power is 15W, which is similar to QUALCOMM's QC2.0 fast charging specification. But now Qualcomm's fast charging technology has been developed to QC4 +, the maximum power can reach 60W, who can imagine the faster charging speed. For specific speed differences, see a recent report from foreign developers. Apple unlocked 7.5W wireless charging in the latest iOS 11.2, but compared to the 29W charging head, the speed is really too slow.


Short transmission distance. Wireless charging is not really wireless. Qi wireless charging actually uses the inductive charging technology. The user must specialize the device on the charging board, and there is a limit on the charging transmission distance. Qi standard wireless charging, charging distance can not exceed 10mm, and if the device's internal coil and the coil on the charging plate can not be charged, it is not possible to charge the device while using it while charging.