Launched Qi Standard Wireless Charging Product

- Mar 23, 2018-

Some manufacturers have introduced Qi standard wireless charging products and have a wide market

Energizer, the world's largest battery and portable lighting equipment maker, said it will soon introduce a wireless charger product that supports the Qi standard and will initially bring a new wireless charging experience to Apple iPhone 3GS and BlackBerry Blackberry Curve 8900 users. At the same time, data provided by market research company iSuppli shows that the wireless charging equipment market reached a scale of US$14 billion in 2013. Philips has already begun to produce new phones with wireless charging settings. The Philips X723 mobile phone has appeared, and its mining is a 3.2 inch 240X400 screen with GPS and 3 million pixel camera. Fortunately, the machine comes standard with a wireless charger XeniumQ1 (Qi wireless charging Alliance standard), but the specific time to market and the price has not yet been disclosed.