Legrand Releases New Qi Wireless Charging Wall Socket Compatible With IPhone

Legrand today announced a wireless charging wall socket certified by the Qi standard, which is compatible with devices such as the iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X. The wall socket has two double sockets on the left and a USB-A connector, and a wireless charging board with a smartphone stand on the right, with a total charge current of 3.1 amps.


There is a LED light on the charger's base that displays the charging status of the smartphone, shows red when charging, and displays green when charging is complete, but this feature is not compatible with the iPhone.

This new type of outlet offers homeowners a convenient way to recharge iPhones or other Qi-certified devices in the kitchen, bedroom or anywhere. When installing, Legrand Wireless Charging Wall Sockets need to replace the traditional wall sockets. The price of this product is 65-70 US dollars, currently only landing in the Canadian market.