Millet 7 Finally Confirmed: Under The Screen Fingerprint + Wireless Charging + Spot Purchase!

With the advent of Xiaomi 7's press conference, online news about Xiaomi 7 is growing. Since then, the explosion of Xiaomi 7 will use a design similar to Apple's iPhoneX Liu Haiping. Recently, many users exposed other parameters of Xiaomi 7. So, as Xiaomi's next-generation flagship, what features of Xiaomi 7 have been confirmed? Let me now analyze and analyze for everyone.


First of all, according to the news, Xiaomi 7 will have two major aspects in terms of black technology: first, the fingerprint under the screen, and the second wireless fast charge. In Xiaomi MIX2S, which was recently released by Xiaomi, many users are disappointed with not seeing fingerprints on the screen. Today, Xiaomi 7 finally catches up with the rhythm, and the screen fingerprints that have received much attention are finally coming. This is still quite desirable. What kind of new tricks will Xiaomi 7 use in fingerprinting? I believe the conference at the end of the month, we will know the answer.