Mobile Phone Built-in Charging Receiver And Unified Wireless Charging Standard

To achieve wireless charging of mobile phones and other products, there must be two parts: the transmitter, which is connected to the power supply, is responsible for transmitting power to a wide space; the receiver, generally installed on the electronic product, is used to receive electric energy. Wireless charging technology has already begun to be used in mobile phones. Taking the iPhone as an example, the wireless charging manufacturer has modified the wireless charging function to install a kind of clothes like “Apple peel”. ". As a wireless charging receiver, it is in the form of an increase in the charging of mobile phone casings, but the relevant transformation products can be launched in China. This shell is called "Qi Gate", it supports iPhone and BlackBerry, users do not need to replace the mobile phone can be the first to experience this feature. At the beginning of 2013, wireless charging receivers will be fully "thin" and become wireless charging receiver chips built into mobile phones, which are only as large as fingernails. Nokia, Philips, LG, Samsung, Sony Ericsson, iPhone, HTC, Google, ZTE, Sharp, RIM and many other internationally renowned mobile phone manufacturers support this technology. Wireless chargers may also be bundled with mobile phones for sale.