Modern Kia R&D Wireless Charging Efficiency Comparable To Slow Charging

- Apr 13, 2018-

   The Hyundai-Kia American Technology Center is currently conducting tests on vehicle wireless charging technology. Currently, five Kia Soul pure electric vehicles have been tested for this project. It is reported that the wireless charging technology can reach a charging power of 10kW. It is reported that BMW is also planning to develop wireless charging technology for the BMW 5 Series plug-in hybrid version in the US market.


    Judging from the current technological development trend of electric vehicle charging, most car companies are still developing in the direction of “fast”, such as the 350kW charging pile technology that Porsche is deploying. But this time, South Koreans are aiming in the other direction, not just "fast." The Hyundai Kia American Technology Center recently launched a three-year research and development of wireless charging technology. The purpose is to wirelessly charge the ground by deploying a wireless charger and performing electromagnetic energy conversion with the receiver on the bottom of the electric vehicle.


    It is understood that this wireless charging technology has high efficiency and high compatibility, that is, without stopping very accurately, it can be charged, and has a higher fault tolerance rate. At the same time, the charging efficiency is comparable to the current exchange slow charging pile, and the charging power can reach 10kW. The official stated that wireless charging technology is still in the testing stage and the corresponding models are not yet available.