New Energy Vehicle Wireless Charging Project Will Be Settled In Changsha

The three-day Changsha Overseas Talents and Project Cooperation Fair came to an end yesterday. Five of the 14 high-quality talents carried by 14 overseas high-level talents reached a preliminary cooperation intention and are expected to settle in Changsha.

New energy vehicles are charged without charging piles? Yesterday, Dingmu Qingyuan Technology Co., Ltd. CEO Shi Muwang carried a new energy vehicle high-power wireless charging project to negotiate with Changsha Economic Development Zone. Changsha BYD Auto Co., Ltd., Changsha Intelligent Driving Research Institute, Xiangjiang Venture Capital and other enterprises and investment institutions also have a strong interest in the project.

The project was developed by Shi Muwang led the research team and the German-based automobile expert to launch the business. According to the data, by 2020, the number of electric vehicles in China is expected to exceed 5 million, and more than 12,000 centralized charging stations and more than 4.8 million decentralized charging stations are needed. The new energy vehicle high-power wireless charging project utilizes the principle of electromagnetic induction and magnetic resonance technology to lay a charging sensing device on the ground. When the electric vehicle stops at the corresponding position, it can dock the charging device and use the mobile phone APP to charge one button to solve the current wireless charging transmission. The distance is short, the loss is large, and the charging speed is slow. "Wireless charging technology is a hot spot in the world. With the development of electric vehicles, wireless charging will become a new economic growth point." Shi Muwang said that Changsha's automobile industry has a good foundation and outstanding talents. Its own projects can be settled in Changsha. Will boost the development of Changsha's new energy automobile industry.

The fair was effective, and 5 of the 14 projects reached preliminary cooperation intentions with the city parks, enterprises and investment institutions. In addition to the high-power wireless charging project for new energy vehicles, Wang Weidong's “Building a Characteristic Robot Innovation Industry Eco-chain” project and Hunan Intelligent Power Alliance reached a technical cooperation intention. Wang Weidong was invited by Zhongnan Intelligent Company to join the Hunan Intelligent Manufacturing Standardization Committee as the chairman; Liu Hanxing and Ma Lanshan Video Creative Industrial Park reached a cooperation intention, and plans to promote Wenchuang project to Changsha through the existing company and Wenchuang fund platform; Xie Xiaohui's “Intelligent Horizontal Multi-Joint Robot System Industrialization” project is committed to improving production automation At the level, Liuyang Economic Development Zone intends to introduce the project to help the park enterprises realize the intelligent transformation of production; Wang Hao's “laser processing technology” and Hunan Agricultural University reached an intention to carry out research and development cooperation through Hunan Agricultural University Sub-health Intervention Technology Laboratory.