No-hole Integrated Mobile Phone Will Become A Reality, Wireless Charging Is Expected To Drive The Appearance Of Mobile Phones To Change Again

- Jul 07, 2018-

The iPhone X was designed with the Lightening jack removed, but the efficiency of wireless charging is still poor, and the random wireless charging disk will cost a lot.

However, from the evolution of the iPhone all the way, including the removal of 3.5mm headphone jack, the introduction of wireless charging, etc., the iPhone without a hole and physical buttons may still appear in the future, and the change brought by the introduction of wireless charging is to realize these possibilities. The beginning.

Wireless charging makes non-metallic enclosures necessary

Since wireless charging is shielded by metal, today's mobile phones with wireless charging are made of non-metallic materials such as glass or ceramic. Although Qualcomm has screamed a few years ago to develop wireless charging technology through metal casings, it still has no physical commercial products. Obviously, if you want to introduce wireless charging, the mobile phone must change the material of the casing.

The replacement of the mobile phone case material directly reflects the change in appearance, so that the mobile phone in this 1-2 years to get rid of the stereotype of the previous metal era. Although the appearance change can be regarded as a means for mobile phone manufacturers to differentiate products, at the same time, there must be better reasons to rationalize the additional cost of changing the casing material.

The timing of the appearance of the glass case and the wireless charging began to coincide in the market. The main force that really led the change of the material of the mobile phone case should be wireless charging, and Samsung was the most active.

Future wireless charging is expected to match wireless data transmission, and will be closer to non-porous

At present, some wireless charging manufacturers are pushing wireless charging and data transmission technology. For example, IDT will launch a 15W wireless charging solution supporting wireless data transmission at the end of 2017. In addition to wireless charging, it can be wirelessly transmitted without additional hardware.

At present, the Qi specification also supports simple data transmission capability, mainly transmitting communication signals between TX and RX to regulate the amount of energy transmission. From this point of view, in the future, Qi is also likely to incorporate wireless data transmission into the specifications, then wireless charging can completely replace the current mobile phone wire (such as Type-C or Lightening), which can be used to transmit energy and transmit. The medium of information.

Therefore, in short, from the change of the material of the mobile phone case and the improvement of the non-porous degree of the mobile phone, it can be seen that in addition to solving the problem of charging the wire in the past, the wireless charging actually drives the appearance change of the mobile phone. With the continuous development and popularization of wireless charging technology, it is very likely that mobile phones without joints and joints will become a reality.