Nomad Launches IPhone Wireless Charger For Tesla Model 3

    For a long time, nomads have been creating extraordinary accessories for iPhone users, with a particular focus on travel. Although this product may be a bit small for most people, it will undoubtedly find its own user base. The charger released this time can be installed on the Model 3's charging stand and can charge both devices at the same time. It has a non-slip rubber base that prevents the device from slipping.

     Although nomads primarily consider the iPhone X and 8 in the process of making this wireless charging product, the optional gasket can help with any size device. Among them, a pair of LED lights provide feedback information about the current state of charge for the user, and it is easy to notify the user when the device is fully charged. Tesla's owners will certainly not only benefit from wireless charging, but the overall speed will be faster. 

    The USB interface on Model 3 only supports 5 W of power, so nomads have a built-in fast 6000 mAh battery to support the fast output speed they are looking for. Now, you don't need to plug in the iPhone and charge it at 5 W, the iPhone can be placed there and charged to 7. 5 W. The nomad's dual wireless charger costs $129.95 and retails for $149.95. They are expected to start shipping on September 1.

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