Officially Confirmed That One Plus 6T Does Not Support Wireless Charging Function

- Oct 11, 2018-

One plus CEO Liu Zuohu said in an interview with Cnet recently that due to technical limitations and charging time, the company's second smartphone (one plus 6T) released in 2018 will not introduce wireless charging. According to various demonstrations, the company's current Dash flash charging technology is one of the fastest choices on the market. However, wireless charging is difficult to provide the same experience, because increasing the charging rate leads to a rapid build-up of heat and an increase in the thickness of the device.


The company is working hard to overcome this problem, but is not ready to integrate the technology into the device.

In addition, Liu Zuohu confirmed that a plus 6T will not blindly add waterproof and dustproof certification (which will push up the cost), after all, few users will bring the device underwater. Even so, one plus 6T is still the most water-resistant model ever made by the company.

Finally, the removal of the headphone jack is clearly intended to give way to the battery capacity and the under-screen fingerprinting module. Liu said that this is not a simple decision, but it is worth sacrificing for "screen unlocking."

One Plus will launch the OnePlus 6T in the coming weeks, with an estimated price starting at $550. With its excellent hardware configuration and cooperation with T-Mobile, it is expected to increase its popularity in the US market.