Or Put Into Use In 2020 Qualcomm Develops Automotive Wireless Charging Technology

- May 16, 2018-

Recently, some media reported that Qualcomm’s vice president said that Qualcomm is currently developing automotive wireless charging technology and is expected to enter the market within 24 months.


According to Keliway's understanding, Qualcomm plans to apply wireless charging technology in mobile phones and other electronic products to automobiles. By adding a high-frequency magnetic field to the ground of a parking space, a converter installed on the vehicle converts the pulses into electrical energy to charge the vehicle battery. Although static charging can only be achieved at present, Qualcomm hopes that in the future, wireless charging of vehicles may not limit the scene, and even if it is running, it can be charged. In addition, Qualcomm stated that many car manufacturers have already cooperated with Qualcomm's wireless charging technology. Although these car brands have not yet been disclosed to the outside world, they will continue to carry this technology in the next 18-24 months. The model appears.