Pixel 3 Wireless Charging Is Only 5W? Google: Didn't Say Fast Charging

    This year's Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL are equipped with a handy new feature: support for wireless charging. However, foreign media reports indicate that Google has limited the power of some third-party wireless chargers.

wireless charger

    Google Pixel 3 series phones support up to 10W wireless charging, but require users to use Pixel Stand, or other Google-authorized 10W wireless charger. IT homes have previously learned that if the charger used by the user fails to meet one of the above two conditions, then only 5W of charging power can be obtained.

    Therefore, there is a questioning voice that Google’s Pixel 3 mobile phone “supports 10W fast wireless charging” is misleading. In the latest November security patch update, Google made a small change that "solved" the challenge.