Pure Introduces An Alarm Clock Radio With Wireless Charging - Siesta Charge

- Sep 07, 2018-

    Recently, Pure introduced an alarm clock radio with wireless charging function - Siesta Charge. According to reports, Siesta Charge will be sold in the John Lewis department store on Q4, when there are two colors of Graphite and Polar for consumers to choose.

wireless charger

    As the newest member of the family Siesta bedside radio (DAB + / FM) is, Siesta Charge Siesta series has all the great features. Equipped with excellent stereo sound, users can enjoy their favorite digital radio, and users can also spread their favorite music to podcasts or Internet radio stations via wireless Bluetooth. In terms of design, it is also very fashionable and avant-garde. When you see it at a glance, you can feel the designer's careful creation.

    In addition, Siesta Charge has an amazing borderless CrystalVue+ display that can be seen clearly anywhere in the bedroom. The ultra-clear screen automatically dims and matches the surrounding lighting to ensure that users can stay undisturbed while sleeping at night. At the same time, with wireless charging function, it can be used for wireless charging of smart phones, which is very convenient. On the side, it also has a very powerful launch speaker.

    For other features, there are multiple alarms and timers, snooze function, 40 radio presets and a rear USB port for charging smart watches or other devices.