Real Wireless Charging While Playing With Mobile Phone While Charging

The current wireless charging technology has many limitations, such as devices and chargers must be close together, although this is more convenient than wired charging, but it is not really wireless. But now, there is a technology company called Pi to solve this problem. Recently developed a unique wireless charger that can simultaneously charge multiple devices within a range of 1 foot.



As with the Qi standard, Pi's wireless charging is also based on resonant sensing, but due to the use of special algorithms, its effective range is increased.


The Pi charger's beamforming algorithm can identify the device's location and emit a magnetic field. In the past, this type of algorithm required a lot of processing performance, but the Pi solution required only a simple microcontroller to run for 2 clock cycles.0



For now, you must use a special case to allow the device to accept the charger of the Pi. However, Pi said that the new phones like the iPhone 8 can be charged without a housing.


In terms of charging speed, if the device is in close proximity to the Pi charger, then charging can be achieved at full speed. The farther away from the charger, the slower the charging speed.