Researchers Showcase A 120 KW Electric Vehicle Wireless Charging System

The 120kW system can be charged with 97% efficiency, which is comparable to traditional wired fast chargers. Laboratory tests have shown that the wireless system is capable of transmitting power in a 6-inch gap between two magnetic coils and charging the battery pack. Researchers at the project point out that it is important to maintain the same or smaller footprint for the new 120kW system of the technology compared to current wireless charging technologies. Finite element and circuit analysis is used to develop the system to ensure it does not heat up or cause safety problems.

The key to providing 120 kW of power is a new coil design using the latest silicon carbide technology to create a lightweight and compact system that draws power from the grid and converts it into high-frequency alternating current, producing a magnetic field that transmits power over the atmosphere, and the energy is passed to The stage coil, where it is converted back to direct current and stored in the vehicle battery. The researchers' goal was to create a wireless system capable of delivering 350 to 400 kilowatts of power and reduce charging time to 15 minutes or less.

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