Samsung Galaxy Watch Officially Released: Support Wireless Charging

- Aug 11, 2018-

    On August 9th, Samsung held a new product launch conference in New York. In addition to Note 9, Samsung also launched the smart watch "Galaxy Watch" and a brand new brand. The new product can support LTE connection and wireless charging. Of course, in the brand name, Samsung gave up the previous "Gear" brand, in order to better match the watch with Samsung Galaxy smartphones and tablets.


    Samsung Galaxy Watch is equipped with a higher resolution AMOLED touch screen display, and uses "gorilla DX+" glass material to support waterproof design, official introduction, can be used in the swimming pool. In addition, battery life has also been improved, and charging can be used continuously for "multiple days."


    In other respects, Samsung Galaxy Watch has added some health-oriented features, such as heart rate monitoring, to build a healthy baseline for the user, which can motivate you to relax when you are exercising. In addition, it also supports user-defined tracking of various fitness activities, support "tracking sleep mode", can effectively confirm your sleep.