Samsung Wireless Charging Pillow Appeared: The Highest AFC 25W, Dual Device Fast Charge

Earlier this month, someone released a spy shot of a Samsung wireless charging pillow on Twitter. As you can see from the picture, this product name is Wireless Charger Duo.


Originally thought that it will wait until next week's Samsung Note9 New York conference will be officially unveiled, I did not expect that recently, this Samsung wireless charging pillow appeared in Russia Samsung store in advance, the label display model is EP-N6100, and the price is 6990 Yuan ruble


Not only that, the Russian media mobiltelefon also brought us a full-box out of the box


As can be seen from the photos, the Russian version of the Wireless Charger Duo box is a combination of English and Russian, and there is no difference between the selling point and the previously exposed English version of the box, including:

·Dual device fast charging

·Support two mobile phones at the same time

·At the same time support a mobile phone and Samsung Galaxy Watch (the Samsung's new flagship smart watch will be released together with Note9, formerly known as Gear S4, the box does not mention other Samsung watches)

·Compatible with devices that support the Qi wireless charging standard