Shanghai's First University Patent Auction Will Be Held In Tongji, Wireless Charging Patent 3 Million Yuan Transaction

- Jul 20, 2018-


"Someone quoted 2.6 million, the minimum price increase is 100,000 yuan, is there anyone adding?" "2.7 million! There are 2 minutes and 10 seconds to increase the price." "Wow, someone out of 2.9 million! There is still 1 minute and 10 seconds." “3 million! Is there any company to increase the price? The last 30 seconds!” This morning, Shanghai’s first college patented special auction (auction) will be held in Tongji University, and six projects developed by Tongji University’s research team will participate in the auction. In the end, these projects were transferred to the company, with a total turnover of 5.02 million yuan.

The auction was jointly organized by the Shanghai Intellectual Property Exchange Center and Tongji University to promote the transformation of the school's scientific and technological achievements and turn the results of the laboratory into enterprise products. The Shanghai Intellectual Property Exchange Center is a state-owned intellectual property trading platform approved by the municipal government to implement the “22 Articles” of the Shanghai Science and Technology Innovation Center. It was officially put into operation after passing the inspection and acceptance in November last year. Huang Gang, director of the marketing department of Shanghai Intellectual Property Exchange Center, said that the center's patent results transactions are divided into project review, information release, delisting and transfer, online bidding or auction, organization signing, price settlement, and issuing transaction vouchers. The center has developed an online intellectual property trading system that covers and oversees the entire transaction process. “As a third-party organization, the benefits of patent transactions conducted by research teams and enterprises through our center are safe and standardized, and can fully realize the transaction value of both parties to the transaction. The center also provides a series of technology transfer services for scientific research. Personnel referral results, looking for researchers based on business needs."


Today's auction is a shining start for the long-term cooperation between Shanghai Intellectual Property Exchange Center and Tongji University. Last month, 87 projects of Tongji University were listed at the Shanghai Intellectual Property Exchange Center and were widely advertised to the public. As a result, six projects were awarded to companies for delisting. Some of these projects were delisted by two or more companies, and the final transferee needs to be determined in the form of online bidding. In order to let more researchers understand this trading model, the Shanghai Intellectual Property Exchange Center “moved” the intellectual property transaction bidding system to the Tongji campus and visualized the online bidding activities.

As a result, there was a lively scene like an auction. After a Tongji scientific researcher introduced the project, the enterprise representatives bid through the intellectual property transaction system. The quotation appears in real time on the big screen, and the host squats on the side until the end of the 3-minute bidding session.

Among the six projects, the highest listed price is “a non-radiative radio energy transmission system based on the electromagnetic tunneling effect of Meite materials” and other eight patents and patent applications, which are 2.5 million yuan, and finally sold for 3 million yuan. The assignee is a Shanghai company. Li Yunhui, a professor at Tongji University, told reporters that this is the original innovation. Through the basic research in the field of electromagnetic waves and electromagnetic fields, his research team invented a number of wireless charging technologies, and has applied for three PCT international patents and five national invention patents. Compared with the current wireless charging on the market, these original technologies have great advantages - they can "constrain" the electromagnetic field emitted by the large-area wireless charging transmitter into a coil of 5 cm in diameter, and the energy conversion efficiency is over 70%; , in a 50 × 50 × 20 cubic centimeter space, dynamically and stably provide 60% - 80% of wireless energy transmission efficiency.

After obtaining an exclusive license for these 8 patents and patent applications, the Shanghai company is expected to develop a wireless charging device that is better than the existing products and can be industrially mass-produced. It is used in mobile phones, smart wearable devices, household appliances. And other fields.