Shared Charging Po Hasn't Had Fever Yet, But Sharing Wireless Charging Has Gotten Fired Up

- May 11, 2018-

The boom of sharing and charging treasures has not returned to fevers, wireless charging is on fire, more and more mobile phones support this function, so sharing wireless charging has also followed fire.

Keliway found that there have been a number of shared wireless charging devices on the market recently. For example, the company, known as Yi Li-Cheng, is a shared wireless charging brand company that has launched a code-sharing wireless charging service. The use method is also relatively simple: download the app, install and register, scan the QR code on the wireless charger, and put on the phone to start wireless charging. Mobile phones that support wireless charging, such as the iPhone 8/X, can be charged directly. For mobile phones that do not support wireless charging, this function can also be implemented after a wireless charging receiving patch is inserted.


In fact, this is not the first company. Before last year or even earlier, many wireless charging companies in China have started sharing wireless charging mode: they cooperate with offline shops, restaurants, entertainment and other small scene shop businesses. Most of them are free of charge. The aim is to infiltrate their own wireless charging technology solutions to create an ecosystem. Domestic companies such as micro goose rely on resonant air-to-air wireless charging technology. They can even easily hide the wireless charging transmitter board under the table without refitting the desk, so that the mobile phone can be charged directly on the desk.

After Apple adopted the wireless charging function, several major players in the Android camp also began to follow up on the wireless charging function. Domestic manufacturers such as Huawei, Xiaomi and Jinli are the first to launch wireless charging handsets. According to reliable sources, OPPO/ vivo will also launch wireless charging handsets. There are two major brands of Apple's Samsung wireless charging abroad, and now the domestic market share of the largest domestic mobile phone brands have also gradually entered the wireless charging, led by them, wireless charging will become a standard feature of smart phones. Charging a mobile phone in a public scene, sharing wireless charging may be a more convenient charging solution than sharing a charging treasure.