Suspected BlackBerry Wireless Charger Exposure Actually Uses Logo To Do?

Blackberry entering the Android field has obviously accelerated the pace of launching new machines, but it has not been idle in terms of accessories. Wireless charging is also expected to appear on BlackBerrys in the future.

Evan Blass, a foreign exposer, has exposed a sketch of a set of mystery products for BlackBerry. The product is not produced by BlackBerry itself, but is a brand compatible accessory provided by Optelus for BlackBerry. We can see a USB-like input interface on one side. , And the front is the BlackBerry Logo, if no accident, this should be the BlackBerry wireless charging board.

Since the logo is designed directly with the BlackBerry, the peripheral will be authorized by the official brand. It is not yet clear whether it will be sold as an official BlackBerry product, but at least it means that the BlackBerry device will also support wireless charging.

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