Tesla Launches Smartphone Wireless Charger For $65 With A Capacity Of Only 6000 MAh

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    Tesla's lifestyle products tend to profit from the brand appeal of the electric carmaker and its public icon CEO elon musk, and the new tesla wireless charger is no exception.

The device, which retails at retail stores alongside tesla's website and the company's existing desktop and portable chargers, is a sleek, apple-like device that costs $65 (about 443 yuan).

It has an integrated usb-c cable for plugging it directly into devices, as well as A usb-a port for non-usb-c devices.

    The tesla charger is black or white, but it only comes with a capacity of 6,000 milliamps and an output charge of 5W.

(the wired charging method can reach up to 7.5w.)

For about half the price, you can buy Anker's 10,000 millian PowerCore charger, which has a 12W output charge but no wireless charging feature.

    For $50, you can get a 10W output RAVPower 10,400 mah wireless charger.Of course, no one really buys this for capacity, or because they have a sense of price.

But they bought it simply because it had a tesla logo on it that looked pretty cool, and the $65 and wireless charging ease of use was fair.That's not a bad thing for tesla's avid fans.After all, it's harder to own a Model 3.