The 4th China Shenzhen Science Fair Was Held In Shenzhen From September 16th To 18th

The China Shenzhen (International) Science Fair (hereinafter referred to as “The Science Expo”) that was suspended last year will be held on September 16-18 this year as scheduled. The reporter learned from the news conference held yesterday that the conference will be held this year. More prominent public welfare, more for the working class and the general public.

Since 2007, the Science Fair jointly organized by the China Association for Science and Technology and the Shenzhen Municipal Government has been successfully held for three sessions. It attracted a total of nearly 3,000 domestic and foreign companies from the United States, Germany, Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong, Macao, and Taiwan. . The organizer stated that due to the financial crisis in 2010, the Expo was discontinued for one year. After adjusting its position, this year's Expo was selected to be held during the National Popular Science Day. At the same time, “People's Livelihood Science and Technology Achievement Tour” and “Most Popular Consumers” were held. "Science and Technology Products" selection, "Shenzhen-Hong Kong-Macao Personal Science and Technology Invention Competition", and so on, through this series of events close to the people's lives, so that more people into the Expo.

"This year's Science Fair will continue the concept of "Technology makes life better". Through the exhibition and a series of high-end forums, popular stage dramas, interviews with high-end science and technology characters, etc., we will cultivate the habit of the people to get close to science.", Shenzhen Science and Technology Association The chairman and party secretary Zhou Luming said at the press conference.

According to briefings, there are currently 500 Fortune 500 companies in the world, and more than 50 Taiwanese companies will be exhibiting at the same time, showing the latest in low-carbon life, health industry, household products, consumer electronics, and new energy sources. Digital products, new energy vehicles, smart appliances and other technology products that are closely related to the daily life of citizens.

Zhou Luming also revealed that the new museum of the City Science Museum that has been established since 2006 has been selected to be located in Houhai, Nanshan, not far from the Universiade Stadium “Chunyu”, and “the visit of the new museum has also been guaranteed, and originally it took 5 The new building built this year is expected to be completed 2 years ahead of schedule." The city science museum currently being renovated is restricted by the small area of the exhibition hall at the time of design. It will be positioned as the home of science and technology personnel and center for scientific and technological activities. It will focus on scientific and technological work and scientific and technological exchanges, and will host more scientific conferences and technology forums. Features