The First 5G Smartphone In The US: Figgers F3 Supports 5 Meters Wireless Charging

- Mar 08, 2019-

    On March 6, according to foreign media Gsmarena, the Florida-based telecommunications company Figgers announced the launch of the first "Made in the USA" 5G smartphone Figgers F3, the company's CEO Freddie Figgers posted the news on Instagram. It is said to be compatible with "all mobile operators in every country in the world."

    According to Freddie Figgers, the Figgers F3 has a storage capacity of 1TB. It is also waterproof and comes with a 4K display and a dual camera with 18 megapixels. It is worth mentioning that the Figgers F3 is equipped with a Figgers Super Base charger that can charge the F3 wirelessly within 5 meters of the Super Dock Charger.

    There are even rumors that Apple will introduce remote wireless charging in the future iPhone, but this is before the iPhone increases Qi compatibility, so it can largely calm down the rumors. We don't know which 5G networks F3 will support, because there are no widely available 5G networks. We also don't know which processor/modem combination it uses, let alone the size of the screen. However, regarding remote wireless charging, companies such as Energous and WattUp have previously mentioned the concept of wireless charging. Figgers also did not share video demonstrations related to wireless charging.