The Key To Mobile Wireless Charging Is Compatibility

The key to mobile wireless charging is compatibility. The Qi standard ensures brand compatibility

Wireless charging technology mainly uses electromagnetic technology, which converts current into electromagnetic in the transmitter. The mobile phone converts the electromagnetic current into a current through the built-in chip receiver to charge the mobile phone. The key to the promotion of wireless charging technology lies in ensuring that all manufacturers' wireless chargers are compatible, and the Qi standard has been formulated so that wireless charging has a unified technical specification to ensure the compatibility of the same charger for multiple brands and multiple products. Wireless charging alliance chairman Menno Treffs said externally that the Qi wireless charging standard uses electromagnetic induction technology, which is more efficient and safe than other technologies. Qi wireless charging standard includes three aspects of interface, performance, and regulations. This is a great challenge for the popularization of wireless charging technology. Therefore, the Qi standard mobile phone can be carried out through any Qi-certified charging base station, base, or other rechargeable device. Wireless charging. Qi's first advance requirement for the device is no more than 5 watts, which may be a major limitation for some manufacturers who hope that laptops can also pass wireless charging technology.