Two Buick New Energy Vehicles Released, Equipped With Wireless Charging Technology, Amazing Battery Life

On April 17th, Buick officially launched two new models of VELITE 6 and Enspire concept cars in Wuzhen. Among them, VELITE 6 is a new plug-in hybrid model under the SAIC GM Buick. It will be launched in September this year. In the future, it will also introduce a pure electric version; Enspire is a pure electric SUV model, in this event. Completed the world premiere, its hundred kilometers acceleration time is less than 4 seconds, the cruising range can reach 600 kilometers. It is reported that Buick's first electric SUV built on this concept car will be available in 2020.


Enspire concept car equipped with two drive motors, respectively, placed on the front and rear axle, in which the maximum power of the front axle motor is 258 horsepower, rear axle motor maximum power of 299 horsepower. In the battery section, the new car uses a three-element lithium battery, the pure electric mileage is 600 kilometers, and the acceleration time per 100 kilometers does not exceed 4 seconds. In addition, the new car's wireless charging function can charge 80% in just 400 minutes in the 400A fast charge mode.