Will The MacBook And IPad Charge The IPhone Wirelessly? At Least Apple Is Planning To Do This.

- Jul 28, 2018-

    We know that the battery of Apple's iPhone is not big or even small in the entire mobile phone industry. And because the battery capacity is relatively small, Apple's efficiency requirements for charging are not very high, far lower than the charging efficiency of Android mobile phone brands. However, as the screen of the iPhone device increases, the battery capacity continues to increase, and charging problems are increasingly plaguing iPhone users in the future. So Apple added wireless charging on the new iPhone, although the efficiency has not improved, but the scene is rich.

    However, wireless charging needs to be used on a specific device, and it is not convenient. In order to expand more wireless charging scenarios, Apple submitted a new patent. I want to add a wireless charging dock to my MacBook or iPad to charge my iPhone.


    It sounds like a fantasy, but in fact Apple is really going to do it. According to the patented image, they plan to add a wireless charging induction coil to the bottom of the iPad screen and the position of the MacBook trackpad and the hand rest. The coil wirelessly charges the iPhone, so the iPad and MacBook will become the charging treasure of the iPhone in the future, but I don't know how efficient the charging is.

    And this patent has a fatal flaw, that is, when charging the phone, the device itself can not be used, MacBook can also watch movies or use an external mouse to operate, but the iPad can not see the screen, the practicality is not strong. Of course, this idea is very creative, but it may not be able to finally land, maybe just a patent.