Wireless Charger Physics

- Mar 23, 2018-

A new type of wireless charger was originally invented by a British company. It looks like a plastic mouse pad. This “mouse pad” has dense arrays of small coils, so it can generate magnetic fields and transfer energy to a dedicated device. Receiving the electronic device of the coil to charge it. The receiving coil is made of a magnetic alloy wound around a wire and its size and shape are similar to those of chewing gum, so it can be easily attached to electronic equipment. Placing a cell phone or the like on the pad will charge it, and it will charge multiple devices at the same time. Charging technology has appeared before, but this new invention is more convenient and practical. Mobile phones and other devices can be charged at any position on the "mouse pad" as long as they are attached to the receiving coils. Unlike previous technologies, they do not require precise positioning. Several devices are placed on the mat at the same time and can be charged at the same time. The magnetic field generated by the charger is very weak and can charge the device without affecting nearby credit cards, videotapes, and other items that use magnetic recording data.