Wireless Charging Development Prospects

- Mar 23, 2018-

The efficiency of wireless charging is not always as high as plugging in a power outlet. To increase the speed of magnetic induction charging methods, manufacturers intend to make room for wireless charging receivers directly inside the electronic equipment. Nokia has already done so, and other manufacturers are studying how to integrate wireless charging technology into the near field communication chip. Apple does not seem to be eager for this. It is not a member of the Wireless Charging Alliance. There is no built-in wireless charging receiver in the new iPhone 5. Apple Senior Vice President Phil Schiller accepted an interview with All Things Digital after the product launch. He believes that the current wireless charging module still needs to be connected to the wall of the power supply, not much more convenient than wired charging. On the contrary, USB transmission lines are more popular and can be connected to restaurants, computers, and even charging places on airplanes at any time. If you want to get a wall-mounted device, charging the device for other devices will complicate matters.