Wireless Charging Market Is Changing, Who Can Grasp Market Opportunities?

Since 2017, Apple, Xiaomi and other mobile phone makers announced their participation in the WPC Wireless Charging Alliance. Apple’s iPhone X/iPhone 8 and 8 Plus have fully supported wireless charging functions. Xiaomi’s newly released MIX2S flagship model also uses practical actions to promote wireless charging. universal. Samsung, which has always been passionate about wireless charging technology, has recently adopted the flagship model S9/S9+ as standard. A large number of mobile phone giants have devoted themselves to the field of wireless charging, so that the entire technology circle is very optimistic about the wireless charging technology industry prospects.


Just like this, wireless charging has been able to rise rapidly and has become popular in recent years. Each road "princes" together and the wireless charging industry is in an outbreak period. If the territory is divided roughly, there are Apple, Samsung, Xiaomi and other mainstream manufacturers brand camp, as well as third-party wireless charging brand camp.

Although wireless charging has provided convenience for our lives, the road to popularity is full of thorns. How to reduce the cost of wireless chargers, and constantly optimize technologies and enhance experience on wireless chargers, will be urgently needed for wireless charging brands.

Like the Mophie wireless charging stand sold in the Apple Store, only 7.5W charging head costs as much as 599 yuan; while the Samsung official launch of the stacked four-generation wireless charger, the price also reached 435 yuan. Because of the high selling price, the market sales are not very good, most users will choose the standard wired charger, or try a third-party brand of wireless charger. Therefore, as well-known domestic and foreign brands such as Belkin, Anker, and Best, competition in the market is also heating up.

As the oldest 3C accessory manufacturer in China, Bose has been focusing on the research and development of wireless charging products for several years. At present, it has also launched a series of wireless charging products. With the characteristics of high power, fast charging, safety, reliability, etc., it is well received by the market. Recently, Beth has also formally joined the WPC Wireless Power Consortium, which will also mean that subsequent wireless charging products will continue to hold QI certification.