Wireless Charging Silicone Case Is Coming, No Need To Wait For AirPods

- Aug 27, 2018-

    A new product on Kickstarter, called AirPlus, is described as the protective case for the Apple AirPods. Its biggest feature is the Qi wireless charging feature.

wireless charger

                                       AirPlus charging principle (picture from Kickstarter)

    Its principle is actually very simple, that is, the wireless charging receiver and the Lightning interface are integrated in a silicone sleeve, so that the wireless charging function can be achieved.


    AirPlus is a very cheap rechargeable silicone case.In addition, it is also scratch-resistant, dust-proof and waterproof. The AirPods are wrapped in a 2.5mm ultra-thin design without being too cumbersome, and there are six colors to choose from. The reservation for it is priced at $15, and will be priced at $30 in the future. Friends who need it should buy it as soon as possible.