Xiaomi Sparks Price War: Wireless Charging Industry Fears Shuffle

    Apple will hold a new product launch event on September 12 (1 am on September 13, Beijing time). It is reported that the three new phones will also support wireless charging before the release of iPhone.

    According to the WPC official website, as early as July 4 this year, the 69 yuan wireless charging (model WPC01ZM) of xiaomi has been certified as Qi, which provides a reliable guarantee for product compatibility and safety.

    Millet pattern always try the best, with high cost performance, referred to as hardware combine millet issued 69 yuan in 2013 10000 mah mobile power supply, led to charging treasure industry reshuffle, now millet pattern to poison the wireless industry history always surprisingly similar, millet BaoLei again, this time with 69 yuan of wireless charging, seemed to bring us back to the previous 69 yuan 10000 mah charging treasure time.