Xinwei Communication: The Wireless Charging Business Is Working With Major North American Customers To Design And Manufacture New Solutions For Next Year.

- Sep 12, 2018-

    Xinwei Communication (300136) stated in the newly released "Investor Relations Activity Record Sheet" that the company began researching and preserving wireless charging technology as early as 2015, and continued to combine the application needs of major customers around the world to implement a total solution. Offer. Xinwei's one-stop wireless charging solution is from the most basic magnetic materials, RF performance design and testing to the final overall module manufacturing. The company can provide either a winding or FPC solution according to different models of customers. Group delivery. At present, the company has provided wireless charging solutions for mobile phones for Korean customers, domestic customers and some North American customers, and is also actively cooperating with major North American customers to design and manufacture new solutions for next year.

    Xinwei Communications said that in the future, the company will not only focus on the application of wireless charging technology for consumer electronic products such as mobile phones and computers, but also gradually deploy wireless charging technology in other industries. Especially in the field of wireless charging transmitters in the car, many overseas high-end car manufacturers have begun to use. On the one hand, the company is talking with domestic car manufacturers, and is also actively deploying overseas customers. It is expected that the relevant business will be seen in the next one to two years.