10W Type-C Port Multi-Function Desk Lamp Qi Wireless Charging Charger

10W Type-C Port Multi-Function Desk Lamp Qi Wireless Charging Charger

Qi compatible furniture table qi wireless charger for office desk 9V 1.1A table fast wireless charger


We constantly update production line equipment, comprehensively improve production innovation capabilities, improve product quality, and do a good job in diversified management of Furniture Wireless Charger Stand, Power Bank Wireless Charger Circuit Board, Fast Car Wireless Charger Holder. We are willing to join hands with friends at home and abroad in the pursuit of excellence and create brilliance together! We will vigorously promote the transformation and upgrading of the enterprise and the development of diversification.

1.Product Introduction

Qi compatible furniture table qi wireless charger for office desk 9V 1.1A table fast wireless charger

2. Product Parameter







Transmit power




Transmit distance


Operating frequency







Ce FCC Rohs

Item size

Dia 70*24.5mm

Package size

120*80*25 mm



Housing Painting and Package


Type of application

This product applies to all QI standard receivers

3.Product feature and application

Compatible phone model

For iPhone XR, iPhone XS, iPhone X, iPhone 8/ 8 plus

For Samsung Galaxy S9/ S8 /S6/ S7 Edge

For Huawei Mate 20,

For Nexus 7 2nd Gen / Nexus 4 /Nexus 5 / Nexus 6

For Nokia Lumia 1020 / 920 / 928

For Motorola Droid Maxx / Droid Mini / Moto 360 Smart Watch

For HTC 8X (not UK version) / HTC Droid DNA

For LG Optimus Vu2 (Not compatible with LG G3)

How to install

1) Make the hole by a standard drill

2) The distance between hole and table surface is around 2mm

3) Put the charger in place

4) 4.Product details

5.Deliver,shipping and serving


6.After-sale service

Shipping and payment:

* Payment include: Paypal, Bank transfer(T/T)Western Union, Escrow,L/C (over $60000)

* Shipping: When on shipping we will update the infos for you but not responsible for shipping ;accidents

* Lead time: 100-500pcs 10 days ; 500-1000pcs 30days

* Samples: can be delivery in 2 days

* Shipping port: Shenzhen, Mainland China

7. FAQ

Q: Wireless charging radiation is harmful?

A: CYSPO wireless charging pad conforms Qi wireless charging standard using a harmless low-frequency non-ionizing frequency (110-205kHz). The transmission distance of a few millimeters up to 5 watts of energy, and a low impact on the surrounding. And the Qi standard equipment with non-compatible object detection function, so only compatible with Qi standard equipment on the top will trigger charge, and once filled the stop. Any other objects (whether metal or coil) put up will not trigger the charge. In addition, CYSPO charging plate with temperature detection function, if it is found that the temperature exceeds the standard stop charging. Users may need to worry. In addition, the use of technology in the water purifier 10 years, security has been verified in dozens of countries. In China, the Ministry of Industry under the EMC testing of (electromagnetic compatibility Communication Quality Supervision and Testing Center) is Qi participants.

Q: Wireless charging will affect other wireless devices?

A: No, because the wireless charging frequency used (110-205kHz) and most wireless devices are not a frequency.

Q: Wireless charging will cause a great amount of heat it?

A: Under normal use, the charging plate temperature below body temperature. Sometimes the actual use of the temperature will be slightly higher temperature occasionally.

Q: Whether frequent charging will shorten battery life?

A: In addition to overcharge the absolute wrong way to charge outside the large number of "charging under different conditions affecting cycle life of lithium batteries," The results show that "used with the charge / discharge shallow charge and shallow" and "run out and then charge / deep charge deep discharge "compared to the former battery cycle life to be longer. That is not to wait until the batteries are exhausted to go charging, rest assured and take full advantage of fragments of time to charge the phone now.

We sincerely welcome customers to quickly feedback their ideas and information to us, so that our 10W Type-C Port Multi-Function Desk Lamp Qi Wireless Charging Charger will keep improving and these will become the cornerstone of our common long-term development. Our company accumulates strength in the ever-changing industry structure. Establishing and cultivating the core competitive advantage of an enterprise is an important strategic measure for us to gain a foothold and expand market share in the increasingly fierce market competition.

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