15W IDT Solution Wireless Charger Transmitter PCBA

1. Input voltage : 12V DC+/-5%
2. Rated input current: 12V-1.6A
3. Required input Ripple voltage: <150mVp-p @ 1.6A 12V
4. Output power of Rx: 5W-10W-15W (15W / 12V-1.6A input)
5. Charging Efficiency >83% (IDT P9221-R-EVK)15W
6. Over current protection: Yes
7. Thermal protection: Yes
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Product Details

15W IDT solution wireless charger PCBA

Our wireless charger custom advantages:

◆ High quality PCBA assurance (Import TI/IDT/Sunplus/chip we use)

 ◆ Custom PCBA cycle 15days , fast work for you , asist for Qi certificatedi .

◆ Best realy factory price (1.8USD-6.8USD meet different style ) 

◆ 6 years Professional Ql wireless PCBA design 

◆ A package wireless charging solution power ( support 2W 5W 7.5W 10W 15W) 

◆ Fast manufacture and on time delivery


Parameter :

Input voltage : 12V DC+/-5%

Rated input current: 12V-1.6A

Required input Ripple voltage:  <150mVp-p @ 1.6A 12V

Output power of Rx: 5W-10W-15W (15W / 12V-1.6A input)

Switching frequency:  Working For QI 110-205KHZ

Charging Efficiency >83%  (IDT P9221-R-EVK)15W

Ambient operating Temperature: -10 to 45°C

Over current protection: Yes

Thermal protection: Yes

Storage Temperature: -20 to +85°C

Effective Charging Area:  typ. +/-5mm from coil centre (Dz=3mm)

Effective Charging Distance: typ.+3~ +6mm from Tx-coil to Rx-coil


Industrial Design:

The 15W-TXP9242transmitter module consists of a PCBA with micro USB connection to the external QuickCharge3.0 Adapter supply.

Coloured LED indicates status of the transmitter, such as receiver detection, charging and error, etc.

1.  Best Efficiency

Best Efficiency is tested with Dz=3mm, with different receivers:

TI Medium Power TESTRX 10W: at least 70 %

IDT P9221-R-EVK 15W: at least 80 %

2.  WPC Compliant

15W-TXP9242 transmitter module is compatible to WPC1.2.2

3. Certification

EMC performance is subject to AC/DC power adapter, 15W-TXP9242 transmitter module is tested to pass

FCC and CE requirements with appropriate Adapters & accessories.

4.  FOD – Foreign Object Detection

15W-TXP9242 design is act up to WPC 1.2.2 FOD standard requirement.


Detailed pictures :

IDT transmitter

15w wireless charger


LED Work instructions:

Typically, customer can change the LED indications upon further discussion.


Transmitter Status

LED Behavior

Power On

Red Green alternately flash 1 times



Wireless Charging

Green flash 1Hz

Full charged

Green on

Error (FOD or <9V) 

Green flash 4Hz



All devices must be handled with certain precautions to avoid damage due to the accumulation of static charge. Although input protection circuitry has been incorporated into the devices to minimize the effect of this static build-up, proper precautions should be taken to avoid exposure to electrostatic discharge during handling and mounting.Care must be taken for the Litz wires in power coil, the frequent bending of wires results in undetectable damage that would be avoided from fixing the soldering location with aid of mechanical guidance and good definition of wire length.

Recommended soldering temperature is 600°F to 700°F.


Suggest Incoming Test:

This section provides the test procedures for 15W-TXP9242 Transmitter PCBA.

·  Connect the PCBA and Coil module as shown in Fig. 1.

·  Connect a QC3.0 power supply to the 15W-TXP9242 Transmitter module.

·  Place the reference 15W receiver on the charging surface with 4mm spacer.

·  Monitor the input current: Test limit based on the specified reference receiver Efficiency.

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Packaging & Shipping:

Packaging & Shipping.png


Payment :




1.What service can you supply ?
We are OEM PCB and PCBA manufacturer since 2004 ,we can provide turnkey solutionincluding RD PCB fabrication,SMT and assembly PCBA inside the enclosure,Functiontesting and other value-added service.

2.What file you need to prepare if you want to get an quotation from us?
For PCB board, you need to prepare files of Gerber file,it should including RS-274X,ODB++, DXF, PCB, PCBDOC etc formats.
For PCBA(PCB with soldered components), except the file for PCB, you also need to
prepare the BOM list (components list), Pick and Place file(txt format), real sample pictureor 3D PDF version file etc.

3. Can i get a sample to test your quality ?
Yes,it is reasonable to get a sample to test quality at first,but you should pay for sample,and we will return all sample cost in future mass production is more than 20sqm.

4. Do you have any MOQ Limited ?
We havent any limited about MOQ .Sample and mass production all can support.

5. How to keep our product information and design file secret ?
We are willing to sign a NDA effect by customers side local law and promising tokeep customers data in high confidential level.

6.How long does it take for PCB and PCBA Quote ?
PCBs quotation within 2 hours can finished the PCBA depend on the components
quantity,if simple, within 6 hours can finished,once complex and more,the 12- 36 hours
can be finished.

7. How about the delivery?
Normally, for sample order, our delivery is about 5 days.For small batch, our delivery is about 7 days.
For mass production batch, our delivery is about 10 days.
But that depends on the real condition when we get your order.
If your order is urgently please contact us directly ,we will priority to deal it and do ourbest to give you satisfied delivery time.

8.How can we guarantee you receive an good quality product?For PCB, we will use Flying Probe Test, E-test etc. for it.
For PCBA, we need you to offer us a method or test fixture for the function test.Before that, our inspectors will use microscope and X-ray to check the IC footwelding or bad solder etc.

9.With payment terms do we accept?
For sample order or small batch, we suggest you to use Pay-pal and Western Union.For mass production batch, we suggest you to use T/T.

10.With transportation do we use?
For small quantity, we will use express such as DHL, UPS, FED, TNT to send the goods.For mass production batch, we will use sea transportation for you.